Loop Review the Importance of Playing the Long Game

Loop  Review the Importance of Playing the Long Game

Loop Review the Importance of Playing the Long Game

We live in a fast moving society, where it’s important to hit the ground running, whatever you do. This is especially important in business, where entrepreneurs are facing increasing competition. If their business doesn’t perform well from the very outset, it could be in danger of being left behind. Whilst this initial success is important, it’s even more important to create something that’s sustainable and long lasting. A recent video on Entrepreneur.com looks at how to play the long game when it comes to branding. Here, Loop  review the video, and talk about the lessons that can be learned from it.

“When building a business, it’s essential to think in the long term”, said the director of Loop . “One way to do this, is by building a brand that will have customers returning to you again and again. Create consistency throughout your branding and your marketing, and use messages that will be as relevant in ten years’ time as they are today.”

The video is based upon an interview with two experienced and successful entrepreneurs, Karen Leland and Brad Smith. They explain how some companies will try to build a brand as the first thing they do. They’ll sit down, and think of the ways that they are going to market their company, and in so doing, create a brand almost overnight. This may have an initial impact, but if they don’t have the substance behind the claims, it can soon fall flat. Creating an empty brand in this way can be counterproductive to the future of a business.

Long term brands are based upon authenticity, and a human connection. Consumers are looking for businesses that appreciate the problems that they’re experiencing, and create solutions to them. They want to feel that a company is putting customers first, and that they react to what customers want, and to their feedback. In this way, the brand becomes based upon a company’s core values, rather than just revolving around a logo or slogan.

“Entrepreneurs should always be concerned about how they’re going to attract customers, but also about how they’re going to retain them”, said Loop’s CEO. “A great way to achieve this is to be customer-centric at all times. Don’t talk about yourself all the time, talk about your customers, about what they’re experiencing, and how your products can help them.”

Acquiring and retaining customers are two of the areas that Loop specialize in. Their innovative campaigns bring returns on investment, and bring immediate and long term brand growth.

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