Loop Offer Advice To Those Graduates Preparing For The Job Hunt

Loop Offer Advice To Those Graduates Preparing For The Job Hunt

Loop Offer Advice To Those Graduates Preparing For The Job Hunt


With the new approaching quickly, soon-to-be graduates are beginning to think about their careers after university. In true graduate fashion, come January they will be swarming job sites and employers inboxes with their decorative cv’s and applications, hoping to wow companies and secure their first, dream graduate jobs. Managing director of New York marketing firm Loop can expect an influx of graduate applications, as an innovative and exciting company, prospective graduates are attracted to the exclusive entry-level training programs that Loop has to offer.

Managing director conducts all of Loop’s face to face interviews herself, and from her myriad of interviews with job-hungry students, she has kindly offered some great advice for those who will be interviewing against an army of other graduates in the new year. CEO of Loop strongly advises students who are about to graduate to begin looking on job sites as early into the new year possible. “Be prepared and start applying soon and you’ll be in with a better shot of securing a good job for when you graduate and not looking last minute as an out of work graduate. As they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail” explains managing director of Loop.

Secondly, If you are still unsure on what career path to go down or you know, but you are interested in another route but never done anything like it professionally, CEO of Loop suggests volunteering. “You should see volunteering as a career investment, invest your time into trying out several different roles, your field may be broad with multiple roles to specialize in so you won’t know until you try, and you have nothing to lose” explains the CEO You only need to dedicate an hour or two a week, and the experience will pay dividends. As well as being confident in your decision, by investing a little time into volunteering now, you are likely to spend less time changing career paths in the long run.

Lastly, managing director of Loop strongly agrees that multiple Interviews make great practice, as these important conversations will build and improve your vocal skills, confidence and body language for all formal situations in the future. “You should attend an interview even if you feel the job may not be for you, or you are looking elsewhere, not only does it make good practice for those big and important interviews, but you should explore opportunities that present themselves to you” she explains.

To all graduates to be, during this vital time in your careers you should consciously be making an effort to leave interviewers with a lasting impression of yourself. Brush up on your interviewing skills and make sure to be remembered.

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