Loop Explain How They Have Mastered Their LinkedIn Game

Loop Explain How They Have Mastered Their LinkedIn Game

Loop Explain How They Have Mastered Their LinkedIn Game


I am sure all of you who are reading, are already familiar with the social networking platform, LinkedIn, but did you know that the professional networking site, can be used for so much more than just creating your own profile for colleagues to view? No, your profile, when used right, can become your virtual resume, your personal brand just waiting to be plucked by headhunters and successfully selected for the big break you have been waiting for.

Loop unravel the advantages of using LinkedIn to set yourself above the rest and appeal to more job hunters. Linkedin is currently the largest virtual networking platform for professionals, 89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn. Opponents Twitter and Facebook falling closely behind, reaching only 15% and 26%. Much like both of its close competitors, LinkedIn users can connect and follow individuals, public businesses, and private groups, and they can also subscribe to use LinkedIn’s newest and most favorable tool; their online job board.

LinkedIn has over a staggering 340 million monthly users, new to the site, marketing specialists Loop professionally showcase themselves on the site, on their page you can comfortably locate their contact information, their website and read their company description. As well as having a whopping 10,390 followers, Loop post daily keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and sharing articles from influential pioneers; entrepenuer.com and bysinessnewsdaily.com. There is always something interesting to read. By posting these reads, Loop showcases their interests and advertise the personality of their brand, a viewer, and an attentive applicant can begin to get a feel for the tone of the company.

Not only known for its enormous lagoon sized platform of subscribers, but LinkedIn also specializes in more personal features which you can benefit from using, the managing director tells us which features you should be using to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. For the following advantages:

-Networking opportunities

-Sharing your skills

-Endorsing coworkers skills

-Self Brand Awareness

-Potential career opportunities

-Present yourself to job hunters

-Obtaining professional contact information

-Presenting your work history in a structure which tells a story of your career

Using these tools correctly can be a huge advantage whether you are seeking work, looking into other fields, following a public figure or even just looking to network with co-workers in the same industry as you. Using your profile, you can instantly promote yourself and your personal brand, by showcasing your work history and your most valuable skills within your current field.

‘Keep your profile concise and showcase your top 3 skills first, tailor your profile towards your industry, for example, if you are a recent graduate you should prioritize your education achievements and any internships, or somebody looking for volunteer opportunities will showcase all of their experience in that area. Do this to be sure that the attention of a potential recruiter is grabbed in the first ten seconds of viewing your profile” the managing director explains.

Since launching their LinkedIn page, Loop has seen a rise in personal applications from individuals who have seen their LinkedIn profile and been impressed, these applicants have a much more in-depth and personal insight into the company and approach the company with a personal message, email or telephone call. Loop post up to date and trending articles, as well as their press releases from their website and photos and announcements from their social media pages. This is very beneficial for Loop as potential applicants who follow these posts can achieve a more informed opinion of the company’s values.

If you haven’t already, check out Their LinkedIn page @https://www.linkedin.com/company/loop-new-york, and if you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile, sign up for free and start building your brand today. 

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