Loop Looks at What’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Loop Looks at What’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Loop Looks at What’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a business takes inspiration. Something has made entrepreneurs realize that running their own business is potentially more rewarding than working for somebody else. Once the business is up and running, it’s important to keep the inspiration coming, but how do business leaders achieve this? A video blog on Entrepreneur.com asked some emerging entrepreneurs what inspired them.

Here, Loop reviews the video and reveal what inspires them. “This informative video shows how important inspiration is, and how it can be found in unlikely sources,” said the director of Loop. “An inspired entrepreneur will work harder, and be ready to innovate. These are factors that will have an enormous impact on the success of their business. For this reason, entrepreneurs should always seek to take inspiration whenever they can.”

The video was shot during the Empact Showcase hosted by the United Nations. It featured the views of young business leaders who had featured in Entrepreneur’s list of ‘top 30 start ups to watch’. They were people who hadn’t just started a business, and they’d thrived in the business environment, and already achieved real success. Adam Braun, the founder of ‘Pencils of Promise,’ takes inspiration from the social change that his business is bringing across the developing world. He had a strong initial vision, and this has motivated him throughout his business life. He is also inspired by the enthusiasm of his staff. They are determined to succeed, and that makes Adam determined to succeed as well.

Kim Kaupe of ZinePak takes inspiration from her contact with consumers. She uses social media to interact directly with her customers and is inspired by the enthusiasm they have for her company’s products. She is often contacted by young children and finds their input especially inspiring. ZinePak even changed one of their products on the suggestion of an 8-year-old. She finds the rapid advances in technology motivational, as they open up a world of new opportunities that can help her business grow.

“It’s interesting to see how two very successful young entrepreneurs are inspired by the contact they have with people, whether it’s their staff or their customers,” said the CEO of Loop. “The most inspirational thing of all is to see how well your product or service is performing, and the positive impact that it’s having. That’s why we always value face to face communication so highly. It inspires us, and ensures that our clients get the excellent service they deserve.”

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