Loop Inc Heading to Industry Awards

Loop Inc Heading to Industry Awards

Loop Inc Heading to Industry Awards

It is always exciting to attend a national awards ceremony but when members of your own team are up for top performer awards, it’s the icing on the cake. Loop Inc is attending the national direct marketing industry awards ceremony in New York and Director of Loop is beside herself with anticipation.


Having come to the United States to help head up the team at Loop Inc, the CEO has already attended four of these awards ceremonies at home in the UK. She understands the honors each award brings and is happy to be part of a US team gaining more and more recognition by the day.


“I’m just so excited for my team who are representing us at the awards. They are passionate about all they do and deserve to get a top performer award. Even though I have attended direct marketing awards ceremonies at home, I believe this year’s American industry awards will be a year to remember.”


Based in Manhattan, the MD directs a team of marketers who are up against some pretty stiff competition. As one of the marketing capitals of the world, Manhattan sees its fair share of talent in the industry. “We are so proud of our marketing entrepreneurs who live and breathe what they do for their clients and it is this type of professional that the industry needs more of.”


Direct marketing has proven to be the silver lining in the clouds many companies have been searching for all these years. It is more than mere advertising although that is a very large portion of what firms like Loop Inc do. Not only do they promote brand and build customer retention, but they also work face-to-face with consumers as literarl ambassadors for their clients.


You could say direct marketers are like an outsourced sales force, an advertising agency and reputation management firm all rolled into one. But, they even go beyond that. Loop Inc do the market research and analysis then determine how and where to reach their clients’ market to build them the biggest market share possible. “It’s amazing what you can accomplish and my team have proven just how effective this approach can be. After all, they are up for top performer recognition!”


With this much excitement in her first year in the United States, it will be interesting to watch enthusiasm grow over the next year as her team continues to build successes in their innovative direct marketing approach. To the CEO and the team, congratulations on a job well done.

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