Loop Inc Attend 2016 Industry Black Tie Event

Loop Inc Attend 2016 Industry Black Tie Event

Loop Inc Attend 2016 Industry Black Tie Event

Loop Inc and the team’s top performers were excited to accept an invitation to attend this years annual industry black tie event, held this year in their home of New York city. Hosted by leading industry experts, what better way to give recognition and praise to our hard working team members, who have contributed to the successful movement of direct marketing, than a weekend of networking in the city that never sleeps.  

Managing director shows support to her team, “We as a team are setting standards across the industry and I am overjoyed that my team were given the recognition they deserve at this year’s industry black tie event”.

“These industry events are a key part in our business, they drive our marketing entrepreneurs to consistently excel themselves, their results and strive for success.“ “Receiving recognition at these events for their continuos hard work and eagerness to learn is immense motivation” the CEO of Loop explains.

Loop Inc had the honour of attending the event with their top performers amongst other budding entrepreneurs to share information from guest lecturers and entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. Having relocated from the United Kingdom, to the United States, the CEO has experience with these industry events as she has attended them at home in the UK and she understands the importance of recognition and praise for individuals efforts. This year, our MD is excited to be part of the Unites States movement, setting record standards across the industry.

This year’s black tie event was held in New York City, what better environment to be in than the hub of direct marketing, surrounded by the buzz of the cultural and financial capital of the world with a population of 8.406 million. New York city is the prime location for our industry experts to inspire  those budding future entrepreneurs and current leaders in the industry.

To everyone at Loop Inc, a huge congratulations on your first year in the US and all of your achievements, we are excited to see what will come next!

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