Loop and the Art of Using Body Language to Boost Sales

Loop and the Art of Using Body Language to Boost Sales

Loop and the Art of Using Body Language to Boost Sales

jiDid you know that only about 7% of what you are actually saying ever gets communicated to your listeners? In research conducted by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, about 38% of what listeners hear is tone and the remaining 55% is in a group often labelled as body language. This includes such things as the expression on your face, the gestures you make and yes, even your posture factors into the equation. CEO of Loop New York marketing firm, believes that using body language to control the flow of a meeting with customers can lead to significantly increased sales but even beyond that, body language enables you to know if the listener is actually trying to hear you or is off somewhere in never-never land.

Marketing director of Loop, says that understanding this can be a huge benefit when working directly with consumers. “Unlike marketing through digital means, direct marketing face-to-face gives you a huge advantage and that’s why so many of the Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing sales to companies like ours to bring their products directly to their audience. We are known for our ability to listen and identify with what is being said and then to execute. This is what sets us apart as a marketing agency and why we are able to go the extra mile for our clients.”

But what does that really mean? What the CEO says is that her team is well trained in staying in touch with the person they are communicating with. They know the little signs that say a consumer is not quite listening and therefore are adept in changing directions on the spot to maintain control of the conversation. Loop’s associates are personable and friendly and above all genuine. “This shines through when meeting a prospect for the first time,” the CEO continues. Consumers of today are savvy and they have this inner sense that tells them if you are just approaching them because you see dollar signs or if you have a genuine interest in offering them something of value to them.

And that, in itself, is a key takeaway. Consumers also read your body language without actually knowing they are doing so and can tell if you are comfortable with what you are doing and if you have any doubts about what you are selling. Of course they probably aren’t aware of the fact that they are reading your non-verbal communication such as the way you are holding yourself or the facial expressions you are using but they read them nonetheless. Stay in touch with the way you present yourself and also with what you are reading in the nonverbal communications you are making when speaking with others and you will soon see that you can redirect your approach and come out with a sale more times than not.

Loop’s CEO leaves you with the words of your mother. “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” Very good advice, indeed.

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