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MD of Loop Reviews The Importance of Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Administrator

MD of Loop Reviews The Importance of Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Administrator

When you work with a large group and many individuals it’s important to note that everyone needs to be able to fluently work with their managing directors. Recently, at an Assistant Manager meeting, Managing Director of Loop spoke about developing a partnership with everyone on your team, especially your administrator. It’s very important to keep this relationship fully motivated and enthusiastic because that’s what gives the results. Loop spoke about different techniques and how to get high retention with interviews as an administrator of a company. By coming up with different strategic tools and methods with your admin, a business owner can be quite productive. This ensures that you and your Admin are on the same page when it comes to getting things done and receiving those satisfactory results.


“The most important thing as an admin should be: ‘what can I do to get better results,’ or ‘what can I fix to get better retention from the people that I am speaking to before bringing them in to interview with our company.’ These questions should be crucial when considering how to improve your numbers when talent scouting,” says Loop. “As a business owner, it’s also just as important. If your admin is struggling with anything, it’s your job to make sure he or she is able to find what they are having trouble on and help them solve that particular area,” notes Loop. It’s important to create a relationship with your business partners, including your admin, that balance, and flow. When it’s a push and pull type of relationship and you’re lending a hand when either of you are in trouble, that’s when you’re able to get results.


Andrew Carnegie once stated, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” This is the type of mentality we like to instill in our representative at Loop. “It was amazing to be able to speak at the meeting because I was able to cover information that I found to be beneficial and have discussed with my own admin, who is excellent at what she does. Over time we’ve developed and accomplished goals for proper progress and will continue to do the same,” says Loop.

Loop Comment On Failure Being Seen As A Positive

Loop Comment On Failure Being Seen As A Positive

Reportedly it took the famous inventor Thomas Edison over 1000 tries before he finally perfected his invention, which would be the oight bulb which we all could not live without. When Edison was asked by a reporter how it felt to have failed a massive 1000 times, Edison replied proudly, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Sadly, most of us do not think in this same way because failure feels bad, and we want to avoid it at all costs. However, here at Loop, we believe that failure is not to be taken as a negative, but to be honored as an integral piece of success, and here are some reasons why.

Failure is a Teacher

Making mistakes teaches us lessons, as entrepreneurs and as people. Most of the great business minds of history are risk-takers because they realize that they will learn more from taking a risk and failing, than playing it safe, even if they succeed.

Failure is a Fear Killer

At Loop, we realize that everyone fears failure, to varying degrees, but research has shown that people who accept and learn from failure tend to fear it less. Each time you fail, you realize your own strength more and more, and it becomes easier for you to recover and get back on track.

Failure is a Compass

It’s easy to sit down and pick a destination in life, to write down a goal and decide to work towards it. However, it’s not so easy to know which paths to avoid. Failure tells you that you’re heading the wrong direction, and in doing so, redirects you towards your goal.

At Loop, we don’t see failure as a dose of ‘bad luck’ but as a fantastic opportunity to reevaluate, refuel and head right back into the fray, knowing what won’t work and what to avoid. Because, like Loop always say, nobody successful ever achieved anything, by keeping within the safety of their comfort zones.

Loop Reviews the Accomplishments of Last Year’s Graduates

Loop Reviews the Accomplishments of Last Year’s Graduates

It’s graduate season and for many soon-to-be graduates, that indicates searching for jobs. When you’re doing research on where to apply and begin, Loop suggests that you start with entry-level and/or internships. Not only is this the first step towards your success, but it’s the first step towards becoming better and better each day. Starting this way, you will give yourself the opportunity to begin small and become big in the near future. We know that this is possible with the right opportunity, especially with so many graduates trying to find places that appreciate them. At Loop we appreciate and will help you every step of the way because each and every graduate is capable of great things in the right work environment.

In addition to, from time to time, all great representatives look back on how far they have come and appreciate their starting point. Managing Director of Loop, recently gathered with last year’s graduates and overviewed how far they have come. We’re extremely proud of each and every one of these intelligent individuals, I remember when they first started and how far they have come now. It’s extremely delightful to see how working hard and being all that they are has brought them to higher levels in just 1 year. Loop puts an emphasis on the importance on helping all new graduates that join to do their utmost and best. We encourage their competitive drive and we know that with this quality new graduates will go far. Its proven that if these graduates try and work diligently, they too can reach high places in a short time span.

Two of Loop’s graduates from last year, after 12 months, have received promotions to assistant management and managing director positions. This just shows how how much of an importance we place on our recent graduates. We know that you’re all capable of great things and with the right amount of work, diligence, creativity and drive you too, can make it far! As Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” At Loop, we’re excited to meet this year’s graduates and know that our company is the place where your success and your dreams will happen!

Loop Shares 3 Apps to Promote Productivity While Reducing Stress at Work

Loop Shares 3 Apps to Promote Productivity While Reducing Stress at Work

In the age of technology and trendy apps, Loop believes in any and every tool that will make our work environment and lifestyle positive, as well as productive. Just as individuals find using Facebook or Instagram will help them keep in touch with others, socialize, and create a positive space where you can express yourself — similarly these three apps will help produce more efficiency because it will reduce stress for an individual. “Loop believes in promoting healthy mindsets, we understand that stress is a part of every busy individual, but managing that stress is key because once you master that, you will induce a productive lifestyle in your personal and professional life,” says Managing Director of Loop. It is reported that “The American Institute of Stress estimates job stress costs $300 billion annually due to absenteeism, turnover, decreased productivity and other costs.” So the question arises that ‘what can we do’ to help workers and leaders reduce stress and start seeing positivity in your professional environment? Loop has gathered and wants to share 3 Apps that will help!

  1. “Happiness depends upon ourselves,” said Aristotle. Happify helps develop the skills to deal with stress. This app helps users play small games and participate in activities to turn negative feelings into positive ones. Happify says, “Our engaging activities and games can be used anytime, anywhere—on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Small slices of time can make big-time changes.” Stats show that 86% of users of Happify get happier in 2 months! “With merely some activities a week, app users understand the core of their negativity, and this helps narrow down how they can better themselves. In doing so, this produces positivity and a better attitude at the office/work,” says Loop.
  2. Focus@will is an app known to increase productivity by music and sound while tuning out distractions. This allows individuals to get a sense of productivity because they can measure this aspect. Focus@will is a great tool to have when you’re working through a stressful moment, listening to optimized music and blurring out the background would help work productivity increase tremendously. Focus@will says, “We see a greater than 200-400% increase in focus time with focus@will, based on a survey of 22,000 of our most active users.”
  3. Breath2Relax is another app that helps with breathing techniques. Even using this app for about 2-5 mins will help reduce stress because it teaches you to relax/breathe. It documents stress management skills and includes detailed information on the effects of stress your body has to endure. Loop knows and promotes this kind of technique when workers have time, because even breathing or meditation for 2-5 mins a day can help reduce a load of stress while promoting a positive mindset.


Loop Discusses The Importance of Empowering Young Female Entrepreneurs

Loop Discusses The Importance of Empowering Young Female Entrepreneurs

International Women’s Day is celebrated all around the world. It’s a day dedicated to women that signifies social, political, creative, cultural, and economic achievement and accomplishment. This Women’s Day, in particular, was known as a strike that was named, “A Day Without a Woman.”

“This strike meant to portray how much value women provide to the economic area and work. It puts an emphasis on areas such as low wages and gender equality when it comes to pay.  This is an extremely important issue to acknowledge because people and companies all around the world are constantly fighting to have gender equality through various ways: protests and gatherings,” says Loop. writes about the March 8th strike without women, stating: “The Center for American Progress says it would cost the U.S. nearly $21 billion in gross domestic product.” If that doesn’t scream and make a statement on the influence of women in the world, we don’t know what does.

Loop has made it a goal to recognize empowering women the importance of International Women’s Day in our own way. Director and CEO of Loop, will be taking 10 women under her mentorship this year and turning them into rockstar business owners. In doing so, this will help these young women learn about becoming active advocates, leaders, and superwomen in the field of marketing, branding and managing their own business. They will learn the tactics of branding creatively and take the next step into being a new set of leaders for women in our field. CEO of Loop says, “Growing up and being surrounded by great teachers and mentors, I’ve learned a great deal and I am always grateful for that. I find that passing on and sharing what I have learned to a younger generation of women, will pave the way for new and fierce talent in the next coming years. In a world where we are actively fighting for equality — this project will not only let these young women entrepreneurs own their own company, but it is an effective way to beat unequal gender pay.” The CEO of Loop is looking forward to being a mentor for these women. It is is a goal for Loop to help women grow, as well as stand on their own economically, financially, and effectively.

As Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx – World’s Youngest Female Billionaire) said, “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” We know that the next line of our young women entrepreneurs will prosper fiercely!


Loop Looks at What’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Loop Looks at What’s Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a business takes inspiration. Something has made entrepreneurs realize that running their own business is potentially more rewarding than working for somebody else. Once the business is up and running, it’s important to keep the inspiration coming, but how do business leaders achieve this? A video blog on asked some emerging entrepreneurs what inspired them.

Here, Loop reviews the video and reveal what inspires them. “This informative video shows how important inspiration is, and how it can be found in unlikely sources,” said the director of Loop. “An inspired entrepreneur will work harder, and be ready to innovate. These are factors that will have an enormous impact on the success of their business. For this reason, entrepreneurs should always seek to take inspiration whenever they can.”

The video was shot during the Empact Showcase hosted by the United Nations. It featured the views of young business leaders who had featured in Entrepreneur’s list of ‘top 30 start ups to watch’. They were people who hadn’t just started a business, and they’d thrived in the business environment, and already achieved real success. Adam Braun, the founder of ‘Pencils of Promise,’ takes inspiration from the social change that his business is bringing across the developing world. He had a strong initial vision, and this has motivated him throughout his business life. He is also inspired by the enthusiasm of his staff. They are determined to succeed, and that makes Adam determined to succeed as well.

Kim Kaupe of ZinePak takes inspiration from her contact with consumers. She uses social media to interact directly with her customers and is inspired by the enthusiasm they have for her company’s products. She is often contacted by young children and finds their input especially inspiring. ZinePak even changed one of their products on the suggestion of an 8-year-old. She finds the rapid advances in technology motivational, as they open up a world of new opportunities that can help her business grow.

“It’s interesting to see how two very successful young entrepreneurs are inspired by the contact they have with people, whether it’s their staff or their customers,” said the CEO of Loop. “The most inspirational thing of all is to see how well your product or service is performing, and the positive impact that it’s having. That’s why we always value face to face communication so highly. It inspires us, and ensures that our clients get the excellent service they deserve.”

Loop are experts in sales and marketing. Their bespoke direct marketing campaigns increase brand awareness and provide real returns on investment.

Loop Proudly Announce Promotion Into Management For Top Performer

Loop Proudly Announce Promotion Into Management For Top Performer


Loop are delighted to welcome their newly promoted team member James Wilson into the management division, as he recently hit his criteria for his assistant management promotion at the New York Marketing firm. Managing director of Loop tells us how proud she is of her mentee and colleague James who joined the business in 2016.

James Wilson, who describes his promotion to assistant management as surreal, from Essex in the UK his goal has always been to become a professional soccer player, but eventually, this wouldn’t work out. James suffered when an accident ended badly and left him unable to play the sport for a while, and never at the level of professional, he had dreamt of eventually reaching.  After debating university James, unfortunately, didn’t receive the grades he needed to be accepted and so he decided to take a year off, where he says he did nothing for the first six months except refereeing on the weekend to make some pocket money. After taking a few negatives, James kept on looking for opportunity, and he eventually secured a position to coach soccer in australia and then again in New York where he won 2 national championship rings. It was at this point that James felt he needed to make some career decisions; did he want to go back to the United Kingdom and start again, or did he want to make the most of his time left in New York to embark on a new opportunity. By making the brave decision to take a risk, James stayed put in the land of opportunity and eventually went for an interview at marketing firm Loop and began working closely with the managing director and her elite team of mentors and marketing experts.

“At first I didn’t fully understand the possibilities that came with my management training program, I just thought I was to come in every day and make sales and hit my standard. I began to learn how important it is to invest in not only myself but also my team. I wasn’t just here for myself, so I began investing everything I had in everybody else to help them. Then my career began to grow immensely” explains James Wilson of Loop. Managing director of Loop describes James’ training program as “A journey containing many up’s and downs, but he kept going instead of becoming frustrated or discouraged.”
“I want to thank my mentors, my colleagues for pushing me and believing in me, especially during the moments of self-doubt, they stood by me and gave me the tools I needed to succeed. Also, I could not have done it without the support of my partner, and my parents” says James Wilson as he stood on stage at the Beacon, New York City, and gave his promotion speech in front of his mentors, mentees, friends and business partners.

Loop Explain How They Have Mastered Their LinkedIn Game

Loop Explain How They Have Mastered Their LinkedIn Game


I am sure all of you who are reading, are already familiar with the social networking platform, LinkedIn, but did you know that the professional networking site, can be used for so much more than just creating your own profile for colleagues to view? No, your profile, when used right, can become your virtual resume, your personal brand just waiting to be plucked by headhunters and successfully selected for the big break you have been waiting for.

Loop unravel the advantages of using LinkedIn to set yourself above the rest and appeal to more job hunters. Linkedin is currently the largest virtual networking platform for professionals, 89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn. Opponents Twitter and Facebook falling closely behind, reaching only 15% and 26%. Much like both of its close competitors, LinkedIn users can connect and follow individuals, public businesses, and private groups, and they can also subscribe to use LinkedIn’s newest and most favorable tool; their online job board.

LinkedIn has over a staggering 340 million monthly users, new to the site, marketing specialists Loop professionally showcase themselves on the site, on their page you can comfortably locate their contact information, their website and read their company description. As well as having a whopping 10,390 followers, Loop post daily keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and sharing articles from influential pioneers; and There is always something interesting to read. By posting these reads, Loop showcases their interests and advertise the personality of their brand, a viewer, and an attentive applicant can begin to get a feel for the tone of the company.

Not only known for its enormous lagoon sized platform of subscribers, but LinkedIn also specializes in more personal features which you can benefit from using, the managing director tells us which features you should be using to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. For the following advantages:

-Networking opportunities

-Sharing your skills

-Endorsing coworkers skills

-Self Brand Awareness

-Potential career opportunities

-Present yourself to job hunters

-Obtaining professional contact information

-Presenting your work history in a structure which tells a story of your career

Using these tools correctly can be a huge advantage whether you are seeking work, looking into other fields, following a public figure or even just looking to network with co-workers in the same industry as you. Using your profile, you can instantly promote yourself and your personal brand, by showcasing your work history and your most valuable skills within your current field.

‘Keep your profile concise and showcase your top 3 skills first, tailor your profile towards your industry, for example, if you are a recent graduate you should prioritize your education achievements and any internships, or somebody looking for volunteer opportunities will showcase all of their experience in that area. Do this to be sure that the attention of a potential recruiter is grabbed in the first ten seconds of viewing your profile” the managing director explains.

Since launching their LinkedIn page, Loop has seen a rise in personal applications from individuals who have seen their LinkedIn profile and been impressed, these applicants have a much more in-depth and personal insight into the company and approach the company with a personal message, email or telephone call. Loop post up to date and trending articles, as well as their press releases from their website and photos and announcements from their social media pages. This is very beneficial for Loop as potential applicants who follow these posts can achieve a more informed opinion of the company’s values.

If you haven’t already, check out Their LinkedIn page @, and if you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile, sign up for free and start building your brand today. 

Loop Review The Rise Of The Laptop Lifestyle

Loop Review The Rise Of The Laptop Lifestyle


The business world is continuously evolving and changing, and lately, there has been a significant shift in the way business are typically managed. For centuries many thought running a business was only possible by purchasing office space, coming into fortunes and hiring hundreds of staff, and only then it wasn’t deemed possible until you had come up with a truly unique and diverse business concept with high demand. New York Based marketing experts Loop review the laptop lifestyle and just how achievable it can be.


The growing number of entrepreneurs who have proven this theory wrong and successfully set up on their own and built major enterprises through digital marketing were till recently, doubted and their ventures were claimed as unlikely and unrealistic. Lately tho, this taboo belief has died off as more and more people are seeing the possibilities of going into business by yourself and starting up with just a few simple tools. “Technology has advanced, and generating an income online is easier than ever before. Through hard work and dedication, anything is possible, even that elusive online dream job” explains managing director CEO of Loop.


The laptop lifestyle is providing business owners with the freedom to travel for work and successfully manage their companies at the touch of a button. This is easily achieved by using recognized apps like Skype; for conference calls with the office, instant messaging apps for teams such as Slack, and managing finances online with online banking and platforms such as PayPal. CEO of Loop’s marketing firm says, “More and more entrepreneurs are proving that it’s possible to run multiple seven-figure digital companies from their computer, outsourcing work to other likeminded digital companies and cutting out the overheads of paying salaries, wages and rent for office space. It’s genius.”


Other online-based services have made the digital business more achievable, for example, Biz Space specialize in renting mailboxes for startups and online organizations that want a regional business address without the costs associated with renting an office space. The concept of Biz Space relies heavily on the demand for the laptop lifestyle, they have taken a simple but extremely effective idea and have become a necessity for this industry.


As a self-made entrepreneur herself, managing director CEO of Loop has made her success from developing start-up companies across the USA. She is able to travel on business while using online platforms from her smartphone and laptop to communicate and conduct business between her US firms.


Loop Voices Confidence Boosting Tips To Fellow Business Women

Loop Voices Confidence Boosting Tips To Fellow Business Women

Possessing confidence is pivotal to holding your own in business and growing a successful business with a force to recon with. As a female C.E.O, managing director understands how hard it can sometimes be to ignore old stereotypes and compete alongside the big boys in the business world. CEO of Loop shares with us her confidence boosting tips to keeping confident as a female in the fast-paced world of business.

If you are beginning to lack in confidence, you may find that you lack the emotional resources to push forward and remain on a steady path to success. Whether it’s your relationships with colleagues, your competition, or even the relationship you have with yourself as a business owner, confidence has a significant impact on your decisions and hence, the choices you make in your career. Loop reassures us that by sticking to these practices, we can continue to “do it for the ladies.” “In business, you will notice that professional and successful businessmen have an aura about them, they have a presence which can hold a room. Sometimes women can forget that they can do this too, they can hold their own in the business environment, to get that confidence you should try straightening that posture and striking a pose.” she says, “Seriously, women are fierce and should not forget this. Stand tall and strong amongst those businessmen, and you will be a boost in your confidence level.” Finally, be sure to make eye contact when speaking to others. Averting your eyes or looking around the room engenders suspicion and may damage your credibility.

Identifying your beliefs and your capabilities is the first step to finding the confidence to achieve what you want in your career. MD of Loop advises ditching any Limiting beliefs and damaging thoughts such as: “I’m not good enough” or “I will never get what I set out to achieve.” By identifying your beliefs and by repeatedly and consistently reminding yourself that you are confident enough and dedicated enough to achieve this, you will cancel out that negative thought pattern and break the cycle which drains you of your confidence. “Tell yourself that you are a powerful business woman” “I am going to be successful” and repeat these positive affirmations aloud and silently to yourself often. It may seem animated, but this practice will certainly break any negative thought patterns you might have.” explains CEO of Loop.