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All About Loop

Happy Birthday to us we are now 2 and all grown up! Based in Manhattan, New York, Loop is a trusted startup. Each of the team are experts in a previous industry so we have come together to create a super company. We want to have a mix of consumer experience,  large scale events,  consultive acquisitions and creative from the UK, US and Brazil!

We found that brands wanted to meet their customers not just get star feedback after an app interaction or a like on Facebook. We wanted to create something that was the solution, the bridge between advertising and actually creating those end users or new customers! With new social media companies launching all the time – we needed to be different. We feel we have achieved that with Loop and now will weave that value into each new step we take.

We firmly planted here in the US now! We are already exploding recently launched new projects in Toronto CA, and Atlanta this year.

Brand Experience 100%
Combat User Attrition 100%
Return on Investment 100%
Very funny jokes 95%
Connections | Loop


Our mission is to create experiences between a brand and a person, something memorable and different! We want to create the relationship. We want to introduce the two. Hi! Nice to meet you!

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Our goal is to play, create brand awareness, inspire in consumer experience and be the story tellers for the grown ups. The response over the last few months has been incredible and we can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring.

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We have huge goals to expand, our clients love our approach so much they want us to take it in to 7 more cities for 2018 the plans are already underway for Miami, Detroit, and Chicago by the 3rd quarter!

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What we can do

Why Loop?

Our goal is to tell your brand’s story to your consumers. We want people to put their cell phones down and have real conversations and meet a real person.

We supply brands, agencies and media owners with Business to Business acquisitions teams and promotions staff all over United States, Europe and now Canada.

Our people are handpicked from the millions and we take good care of them. After all, they not only represent our clients’ brands – they are the difference between a brand that just talks and a brand that connects on a human level.

We are different from every other agency because Loop brings real results and new customer base with a fast ROI. We are the anti social media marketing team – we will actually shake hands with your target audience and get them excited to become a brand affiliate not just a customer.

Because our clients love what we do. Everyone here at Loop HQ knows they are part of something.
So whether you need a team training session, an inspirational speaker, a sales team or even just brand awareness we have your human!

With international customer service and a growing community of interesting and inspiring staff, Loop is the easiest way for companies to start speaking with their consumers ahead of whats fashionable in advertising trends.

We set ourselves apart not just by our track record but by our future plans, we just think bigger than the next.

What we offer

Our Services

Project Management

Our superteam of project managers will be there for you every step of the way. From keeping on top of customer experience all the way to sending the project intern her birthday card. They will oversee legal, research, finance, recruitment, marketing, strategy, roll out, logistics, debriefs and even have time to be unbelievable charismatic and inspirational (we think that they might even be magical).

Amazing People

We’re listeners and advocates, mentors and ambassadors. We view our staff as individuals. The recruiting process is a shared adventure of really getting to know our candidate. Our mission is to open our doors to the next class of innovators and new grads who are ready for a life-changing experience and excited to create a new world for consumers to meet their beloved brands.


Rolling out a new product or a shiny new service from idea conception to the analysis can be tricky, but we got you! Our tracking technology keeps tabs on the demographic, geographic and attrition of your customers.


Starting from just 3 people we have grown to have a full cast of amazing loopers in the UK and USA that each day we are inspired to work with. Their bright ideas are awesome every time and their energy is infectious. We will continue to go through every resume and CV to find our next key component.


Creative training platforms from campaign specific university, team building, one-on-one sessions, video conferencing to travel opportunities are all on the agenda. This way our teams in every department are constantly upgrading looking to raise the bar. We encourage initiative, innovation and really taking ownership in every department. In the end we are building something as well as learning.


We believe that embracing differences within Loop’s teams is key to promoting innovation and accessibility in our global community. We seek to work with employees who express a diversity of cultures, interests, thinking, and identities. Just like each new product is unique, so is each person, and we work to build a culture where everyone can belong and thrive here at Loop.

Excited to learn? We will cover it.

During your twelve weeks as an Looptern, you’ll be integrated into a team where you’ll work on challenging projects to develop new features on our platform, strengthen our infrastructure, and delight our community of customers. Your manager, team, and our incredible Loop family will strive to be excellent educators for you during your summer with us. We’ll provide the support, mentorship, fun, and real world experience needed to accelerate your learning and make a real impact on our product, as we revolutionize what it means to interact with the world.

We’re listeners and advocates, mentors and believers. We view students as individuals, the recruiting process as a shared adventure, and decisions as conversations. Our mission is to open Loop’s doors to the next class of interns and new grads who are ready for a life-changing experience and excited to create a world of brand experience.

Have an eye for talent?

In this position, you will oversee our hiring process, deliver outstanding talent, and manage a top-notch recruiting team. We are passionate about great people, and you should be too!

Can you see yourself helping others and developing the next group of experts?

Loop’s team managers are hyper-focused on growing sustainably with attitude. We support all departments, helping to accelerate new training projects and revamp existing client campaigns. On top of our focus to establish Loop as a loved global brand, our teams are obsessed with helping our clients get the best consumer possible. Come work with us to create innovative solutions that drive reach and growth. We will teach you every step of the way.

Loop’s Experiential Marketing teams develop and execute unique experiences that engage consumers on-site, on-app, on-air, at retail and most other places you will find humans. This integrated approach ensures our clients maximize ROI on every campaign. Our strategy directly engages consumers and invites and encourages customers to participate in the evolution of a brand.

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Our latest news


Loop Shares A Recent Read “The Working Woman’s Handbook”

Loop Shares A Recent Read “The Working Woman’s Handbook”

At Loop, we encourage the creative thinkers and hustlers. We appreciate the talent that is out there in the world advising us folks for a better future. We’re also really big about discovering recent reads and innovative mindsets to help us stay motivated in the business world. “I’ve recently come across this book, “The Working…

Loop Shares 5 Awesome Quotes from Wonder Woman

Loop Shares 5 Awesome Quotes from Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman has been named as one of the best movies of time since Dark Knight Rises, and that’s saying something big! It’s a movie about self-determination and standing up for what you believe in regardless of what the world thinks of you. The most important lesson that I’ve acquired from his movie and Wonder…

Loop Shares Habits of Successful Women

Loop Shares Habits of Successful Women

“Over the past decades, many women have paved the way and made their way into the working/professional world to make dreams into reality. Many of these women are not only remembered for who they are but their accomplishments in the world and what they have done,” says Loop. At Loop, we recognize the efforts of…

Loop Shares A Recent Read: The Power of Habit

Loop Shares A Recent Read: The Power of Habit

Aristotle had once said, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Doing something over and over again…

Loop Shares “Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure”

Loop Shares “Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure”

“Our society builds our mentality with unrealistic and unhealthy ways to become resilient. We allow ourselves to go beyond our health and dangerous ways to reach our goals. While pushing yourself is great and helps you accomplish numerous goals. It’s when it becomes obsessive that resilience should find another way of accomplishing tasks,” says Loop.…

Loop Shares The Value of Diligence

Loop Shares The Value of Diligence

Recently, Loop attended the Gala Awards in July and our firm received breakthrough awards. “We left England to start a company in America and we have achieved such a huge milestone. There was a point when I didn’t think it was possible. But now I believe we can do it again and 5x times bigger!”…

What we can do for you

Our Packages

Loop in our Strategy Service

From our first date you will fall in love. From the snapshot of where the brand is at that moment in time to where your vision takes it we will develop a strategy. Where our expertise lies, live experiences! Covering research, planning and idea generation we will create the perfect timeline to roll out the campaign. We have all hands on deck to ensure its success.

Keep your brand in the Loop

We provide chatty talkative, amazing, awesome, interesting, smart, enthusiastic, encouraging, thoughtful listeners and talkers to tell your brand’s story to the world. Our never ending portfolio of talent is ever-growing, giving you the chance to choose your representatives form a handy in-house pool. We take the work seriously—but not ourselves. At Loop, what we do is hard work and effort. So we take care of each other and our people are all the best of buddies.

Analysis by Loop

Crunching the numbers are the least exciting part of running and evaluating a campaign. Cleverly we have lots of tools here to use to show clients results from different angles. We can cover everything from how effective and productive the newest person in the company is all the way through to how long your customers are staying with the service.

Overall our approach is extra special because of our cost. Contact our new client team to discuss.

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